Hairdressing Services


Our consultation will include a discussion about how your hair is currently and any struggles you may be having when managing it yourself.We will talk about which styles and colours you would like and what will suite you and your lifestyle.Throughout  your consultation we will explain everything as we go including techniques and tools .Our aim is to instil  confidence between you and your wow specialist building trust throughout.We will also guide you on how to manage your new style giving you the tools to create great hair time after time.

 Cuts for Women & Men

At W.O.W our specialists are on hand for cutting men's and women's hair offering styling and cutting advice.We make sure that your cut is created with you in mind and is a collaboration of your vision and our skill.We make it our business to be at the forefront of trends and styles and learn the latest in techniques to deliver the latest style straight to you. 


 Hair and scalp analysis 

During our consultation we will analyse you hair and your scalp  to assess the condition and highlight any problems. All of our specialists have attended  the world renowned Philip Kingsley Trichology training centre and have been trained to spot any issues and prescribe the perfect remedy to get your hair scalp in perfect condition.


Our Blowdries will leave you with our signature WOW factor. if it's big & bouncy or smoth sleek your after  we make sure that is what you have when we are finished and that you feel that every day is WOW day

Nano keratin

Nanokeratin System means ALL-HAIR BENEFITS.

Nanokeratin's products use safe all-natural premium ingredients, which provide long-term protection for your hair, unlike standard products that cause long-term hair damage.

Nanokeratin System’s innovative formulas are made from completely natural and ecologically-certified ingredients, based on Bio-mimicry, Collagen and Silk, infused with amino acids, and a series of hand-selected vitamins and essential oils.

Nanokeratin System all-natural products are safe and non-irritable not only for women's hair, but also for skin, scalp, throat and eyes. Furthermore, Nanokeratin System products contain gentle cosmetic fragrances which have a calming effect on the senses.