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  • So many times in my journey as a stylist I have heard from men and women alike that hair is a key aspect of how they define themselves and their image, so when when hair loss strikes how does that affect the person?.
    Hair loss can be devastating to a persons identity and image, causing low self esteem and confidence issues.People define themselves in many ways, and one of the most important is by their hair. For strong business women a sleek or full bodied blow- dry shows no nonsense and a ready to get down to work mindset, and in the world if business this can project power and strength,a perfect example of this is Anna Wintour. Anna is famed for her sleek bob and this goes hand in hand with being one of the most powerful people in the fashion industry.Another style choice could be a flicky curly bouncy blow dry which  projects a more fun, ready to party and softer side ,a  prime example for this look has to be Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer has been famed for her girl next door locks for decades and had armies of women  going  into  salons across the globe and say "I want the Jennifer Aniston look".And its not just the girls who are in on the act , David Beckham and Brad  Pitt  have long since discovered that hair is a powerful tool for image projection. 
    People often say to me it's not so bad if your a man  suffering hair loss because you can shave it off, or grow a beard.This is a huge misconception as male consumers have become increasingly concerned by their appearance,with more men visiting hair salons and  beauty professionals..The male grooming industry is predicted to be worth around £16 billion world wide by 2016 with the likes of David Beckham and Harry Styles leading the way for men in popular culture.Hair matters and men care just as much as the girls.
    As humans hair is part of our persona, its who we are, we gravitate into groups who we associate our characteristics beliefs  and style with.It could be same taste in music (new romantics) fashion movement (punk),  hang outs or even religions (Judaism). Its how we relate to others so when hair loss strikes its can be devastating.
    Hair loss can occur for many reasons, one of the most devastating can be treatment for cancer.The  hair loss can be sudden and devastating and the sense of being In control is taken away from them.A common sentiment  I often hear in my work as a wig specialist  is "I want to look like me, for my kids, my husband and friends" .Even  when diagnosed with cancer people have a tremendous strength and determination  to keep things "Normal" for the people around them.A way to take back control of your image is to wear a  wig.
     Wigs have been around for centuries and have become some what of a fashion accessory in more recent years with the dawn of Lady GaGa and Katie Perry the stigma of being a wig wearer has dissipated. With wig manufacturers coming out with greater technology to make them seamlessly more natural and introducing a vast range of colours and now balayage colours. It has turned the tide for women and men alike to take back control on hair loss and not to be afraid of wearing a wig. Wigs have come so far since the 80s, gone are the 80's backcomb and tough fibres and in are light fibres and breathable lace front caps. They now come with roots for the illusion of natural growth, and modern technology gives a natural feel  with ever growing colour ranges and increased comfort in new cap constructions. 
    A wig can go a long way to giving you back your identity and boosting confidence ,have fun with it, experiment !. Wether your hair loss is short or long term, there is something for everyone, what have you got to lose?
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    So many times I get asked what wig is better human or synthetic? And my reply is always the same it's totally dependant on you and what you want from your wig. With the massive advances in synthetic wigs becoming more breathable, more comfortable and more natural looking it leaves it totally open to personal preference. If you naturally had a shorter hair cut then I would lean more to synthetic as it will automatically be less heavy so will feel more natural to your scalp in terms of weight and volume, there is also less maintenance with synthetic wigs being they are unable to be heat styled you simply wash, comb and leave to dry. Once dried it will fall back in to its original style. Human wigs are great for longer hair styles as it opens the opportunities for being blow dried, curled, straightened and even in some cases worn up. When it comes to the human hair wigs they tend to be hand knotted and thus making them more breathable and comfortable but also less robust in some cases. Both human and synthetic can now come with roots giving the illusion of natural hair growth to any one looking at them. With synthetic fibres becoming more natural looking and less 60's permed and back combed they make for much smoother and sleek styles. When making the choice between them some of the factors you need to consider are cost, with synthetics more often than not being less expensive than human, maintenance, how much time you would be willing to dedicate to maintaining your new hair, realistic wear, are you looking for an everyday wig or an occasional wig? Lifestyle, does your wig fit your lifestyle and every day schedule? Once you know what you are looking for its as easy and one, two, wig!

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